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I lucked out when I was a teenager and didn’t have to battle with acne. Now, being older with a full time job and some what a second job I’ve been over stressed. Which has caused me to breakout. I have sensitive skin and most product just doesn’t work for me. I started to look into cleanser and heard good things about Mary Kay Timewise. I started to use the product for a week and didn’t see any improvement. In fact, it made me breakout even more. I spoke to my Mary Kay consultant and was told that it was normal process and it’s just my impurities clearing away. So, I decided to keep using it for another 2 weeks. No change. My face was seriously a pizza face. So disgusted that I didn’t even want to show my face. My sister, Jenni struggled with acne since she was a teenager and recommended St Ives Blemish Control. First, I hesitated but Jenni also has sensitive skin so I gave it a try. After my third day I noticed an improvement and my forehead started to smooth out. Sadly I was left with a few scars from previously aggravated pimples. But I’m glad I got it under control.