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Dang you Sephora and your sales and coupons! This is my last haul for a long while, I have bought way too much stuff for myself this holiday season. Thankfully this haul was all bought courtesy of the $25 off your $50 coupon and gift cards from my birthday. I only spent $10 out of pocket!

After my breakout I was tempted to buy a new foundation and that’s it, but after thinking about it maybe trying a new foundation out in the winter is not the wisest idea. Instead I just got a concealer and my favorite, more lipsticks ❤ Some of this stuff is for me and some is for my Secret Santa (hopefully she isn’t reading this lol)


I knew as soon as I got my coupon I was going to get my favorite Nars Audacious Lipstick, I originally thought I would buy two with the coupon, but that seemed excessive (a little) I can’t help my addiction 😦 I originally wanted Anna, but while swatching them on my hand I fell for Raquel. She is described as a pink beige and that’s exactly what she is, a perfect nude for my skin tone.


Don’t mind my bushy eyebrows, I love getting my eyebrows threaded for $5 back in Chicago. I have yet to find a place that threads as good as the ladies back home and spending $21 for an eyebrow wax is a bit much when I know I can spend the extra money on more makeup. I could do them myself, but with shaky hands I fear pulling out the wrong hair ahh. Anyway, see what a nice nude it is! It brings out the perfect pink and looks so natural. Love this on days I just wear tinted moisturizer and blush and run out the door.


I needed a new concealer and this Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer called to me. I got it in custard and just loves it! It really is creamy and so easy to apply. I love how it covers my redness that my foundation misses and I just need to learn how to properly apply it under my eyes. I still see dark circles, but that is my fault. (PS love my NYX Soft Matte Cream in Prague, such a pretty pink)


Josie Maran Winter Dreams Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Duo seemed like the perfect traveling lotion and I already love her oils so I hope I won’t be disappointed in her body butter. I have never tried body butter so I don’t know what to expect, hopefully not too much different from regular lotion. I do use Palmers Cocoa butter every day so if that is the same as body butter then I know I will love JM’s body butter 🙂


I finally ended up getting Melted Fig to add to my collection. I let a friend borrow Peony and Nude for a first date this weekend so sadly they are missing the welcoming party. I love my Melteds and Fig was the only one of the collection I was missing that I really wanted. I am happy she is finally home hahaha


Now on to my Secret Santa gifts. she works a lot so hopefully she doesn’t read this (if so sorry, but I have more surprises for her) I was so happy to find Benefits The Real Steal, it is sold out online and when I went to my Sephora they ran out too. Luckily the JCPenny Sephora still had one left and for $24 for both of these great products I hope she loves it!

Bite Mix N Mingle Lip Minis were on her list so I was happy to oblige. Got 2 one in Guava the lip gloss and the other one in Scarlet and Poppy the lip duo. They look so pretty!

The last two things in the picture are for me, I ran out of my Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap so when I went to Trader Joe’s I was sad to see they were out too. I love using Dr. Bronner’s to wash my brushes, the liquid for my brushes and the bar for my sponges. I decided to test out the Beauty Blender Solid Soap for $16 it is steep, but from all the reviews I hope it is worth the price.

When I went Black Friday shopping I bought one of the Bite Beauty sets as a stocking stuffer for a friend, but I immediately regretted not buying one for myself. Imagine my surprise when I saw it at my JCPenny Sephora, whoa I almost squealed. Fate brought them to me. I checked them to see if they had been used or something was wrong with them since they were just there by themselves, but all seemed normal so I had to get them.

I can’t wait to see what everyone gets with their coupon! Hope you have a Happy Tuesday!!

❤ Janet