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I don’t know what it is about Black Friday, but I love it! I love the energy, the madness, and the sales!!! Although, I have never gone to a Walmart, Target, or Toys R Us to get some sort of doorbuster/TV, I usually just save those stores for the last leg of my shopping so if I find something good, great, if not I am not too heartbroken about it.

I have gone every year with one of my brothers, it has become tradition, and even though we constantly fight about everything, we put aside our differences and go shopping on this day. I don’t tell my brother, but I love this tradition and love spending the time with him because we never fight, just shop, and he carries my bags lol.


He loves going to the Outlet mall, I hate it! Especially on Black Friday it is pandaemonium at it’s greatest and the deals are not worth the long lines. But again, I’m not going to rock the boat so I keep my mouth shut and go along because I know after the outlets we can go to every store I want to go to 🙂 There wasn’t too much there for me, I did get these ornaments from the Disney Store for half off and the cute little Lotso for myself. I originally went in to get gifts for my son and while I bought a lot of toys and clothes for him, I couldn’t resist getting stuff for myself. I love a lot of things, so naturally ornaments are on the list. Jack Skellington, Mulan, and Pocahontas had to come home with me. In high school my friends use to call me Pocahooters because of my similarities in looks to Pocahontas and my bigger for my body type boobs. Mulan is always a favorite and I love Nightmare before Christmas ❤

After the outlets we went to Old Orchard Mall, it is located in a suburb of Chicago. By this time my friend Laney (I have known her since 2nd grade!) joined us at the end of our outlet madness and went to OO with us. We started shopping at 11pm on Thursday and by the time we got to OO it was 3am. We were dumb and didn’t realize that most of the mall was closed. I was happy it was closed so people could spend time with their families, but annoyed at myself for not just checking online and seeing the hours. Besides Macy’s and a handful of stores all the rest opened at 7am. Ughhhh! Last year everything was opened at midnight so I assumed it was the same this year, nope just some stores opened on Thursday 6-10pm then reopened at 7am.

So there we were parked and running to Sephora to buy things, when we realize it is closed! All we could do was squish our faces against the glass door to see all the $10 items we desperately wanted and drool over it all. We debated going home, but we knew if we did we would just go to sleep and miss everything. So we wandered around for a bit. Bare in mind I had been up since 6am cooking with my mom and Laney who is a nurse works 12 hour shifts also was up since 6am and worked 7am-7pm  (more like 7am-9pm, she always stays later to finish up her work.) Yes, we could have easily ordered stuff online, but there is something about touching and holding it to give one instant gratification that we love.


We headed over to Macy’s and were sad to find out all the doorbusters were sold out, like the Too Face Mascara and the Urban Decay $10 one, but I didn’t really mind too much since I didn’t need more makeup. Ornaments were 60% off so I bought these, loved visiting both of these cities so I just had to get them. It’s crazy how expensive these ornaments are regular priced so 60% off I was sold.

It was at this time the night got blurry, I was so tired, I don’t remember much, my brother left us to go home, and I might have fallen asleep at the Northface store standing up and freaked out an employee who kept checking on me. Laney might have almost bought her boyfriend a women’s sweater lolololol, I mean we were up for 24 hours at this point so no one would have blamed us. I do remember it being around 6am we decided to go to Ulta


I got this Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes set for I think $12, I really wanted the Cuticle Cream and Almond & Milk Hand Cream that it came with 🙂 . I can’t wait to try it! Laney bought an awesome curling iron I now regret not buying, but I know I can always borrow hers if I really need to test it out.


Finally Sephora was about to open!!! We got there 10 minutes before the store opened and there was already a line, damn! But no biggie we had planned to divide and conquer and grabbing two of all the $10 stuffers and afterwards going to a corner to decide what we really wanted. It worked out perfectly, although in retrospect they refilled everything for a good 30 minutes after they opened, so we didn’t need to get that crazy. Better safe than sorry right? I bought a lot of stuff as gifts like the Bite and Makeup Forever lipglosses, The Art of Shaving, and the Tarte blush, but these in the picture are things I bought for myself.

From the top

-Origins Task Masker-ahhh! loves this and can’t wait to try it. I have heard great things about these masks and can’t wait to test and see for myself

-Kat Von D set- Lipstick in Lolita and Lipgloss in Berlin, I also can’t wait to try these. I have bought KVD for friends but never for myself. For $10 to try out her products is a steal!

-Tocca Hand Cream and Rollerball Set- I have made no secret about my love for Tocca ❤ loves it so I knew going into the store to grab a bunch of these. Yes I grabbed the limit of 5, 1 for my mom and 4 for me lol I love the names Giulietta-pink tulip and green apple and Stella-Italian Blood Orange. These will be great for my trips

-Josie Maran Argan Hand Healers- Laney raved about this from last year so I bought 2. It came with Nail Wipes 3 in 1 Polish Remover Cuticle and Nail Treatment and Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream

-Korres Luxury Body Butter Duo- I love travel size creams so these scents intrigued me, Guava and Jasmine. I will be taking one with me in January to Phoenix so then I can say if I really like it or not

last but not least

-Buxom Power Players- I have never tried anything Buxom so when I saw this I knew I needed it. A mini Hold the Line Waterproof Eyeliner and a full size Sculpted Lash Mascara $30 value for $10 yes please!!


These weren’t on sale but I wanted them while at Sephora. I found the Naughty List from Tocca ($15), love the Nice one. Once we were done with Sephora we were too tired to shop anywhere else and just went home. I missed all the Target sales and didn’t get to check out Joanns or Michaels. Oh well, next year I am planning better and checking mall times.

Now my sad Make Up For Ever FAIL!! While at Sephora I bought the Make Up Forever HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation in N127. Everyone raves about this foundation so I know it is probably just my skin who is allergic to life that it just didn’t work on. I also probably shouldn’t have tried it that night, after only going on 3 hours of sleep and exposing my skin to the harsh cold, but I was excited to try it. That night I put it on and noticed it clung on to my skin and dry patches, making them look worse. I was like “wait, what?” this never has happened to me before, I have never had dry patches cling on to foundation before, but this did. I have very dry skin so I let it slide blaming it on the Beauty Sponge I used and I noticed my pictures looked nice that night.


See, this picture was from Friday night and even though I looked tired my skin was dewy and it was fine. I cleaned my face that night and noticed the red spots beginning. Again I blamed it on the lack of sleep and cold wind.

Like a crazy person instead of just letting my face be, I used it again on Saturday this time applied it with the Sigma 3D Kabuki brush. Same thing! Same dry patches and foundation looking cakey on me. Ugh!! WTH, Why?!!!

I finally used it for the last time on Monday applying it with the Beauty Blender and again same thing. The foundation was sadly just not for me. I wanted to love it and I know it was me and not the foundation. I must be allergic to something or some chemical just didn’t fly with my skin. It will sadly be returned this weekend.


I hate showing these pictures, but here I am au natural and pimples brewing (I don’t mean to glare and show my resting b face, but it just hurts to smile.) Thankfully, it was all just around my nose, lip, and chin area. It is a perfect storm of no sleep, cold weather, the time of the month, and trying out a new foundation. My skin actually looks decent here (thank the lighting) as now those dots around my nose are full blown whiteheads and on my cupids bow and chin just weird stubborn red bumps that don’t seem to want to leave and have made a home for a couple of weeks. To top it off even more dry splotches appeared along my jaw and chin area and now the redness around my nose-chin area doesn’t seem to want to leave either 😥 My skin is usually red and veiny, but this is redder than normal 😦

Wahhh, oh well! No makeup for a couple of days and once those whiteheads go bye bye I am going to try out those Origins Masks and hopefully they get rid of those weird bumps, dry splotches, and extra redness.

I am so sad because I got a lot of great makeup from my girlfriends for my birthday I wanted to try out, but sadly all of it has to be put on hold 😦

Anyway, overall I loved my Black Friday purchases, I got tons of people off of my Christmas list, I got to spend time with my brother and Laney, and I already look forward to next year hahahaha