It’s that time of year! Black Friday! I remember those cold nights waking up 3 or 4 in the morning to meet up a few people to wait in line at Target or Best Buy to buy….DVDs?!?!? Omg! I’ve must have been crazy back then lol I haven’t participated in Black Friday shopping for a few years. It was fun at first but it’s just plain crazy. I know Janet will probably be out check out some stores. But I will sleep in lol. I would actually join the fiasco but I’ve been trying to get rid of this cough so I’m resting. I will stop later. Hitting Target, Menards and Ulta. Target is having 10% off their gift cards till 12pm online and in stores. Going to stock up on gift cards hahaha plus I going to buy my nephew a tablet that he’s been asking for years. Menards has good deals on pet stuff. I might buy a dog bed and some dog sweaters (Benji has grown on me ugh) Ulta has great stocking stuffers! Can’t wait to get out there and shop!

If you get to participate Black Friday I hope you get everything you’ve been eyeing and shop safely 🙂 happy shopping!