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My favorite pair of glasses finally broke 😦 but it was time to get some new glasses. I bought these Tory Burch back in April but I never wore them. I don’t know what is about them that I no longer like them. It was already too late to exchange them.


My Tory Burch was loose so I had to get them adjusted. I was browsing around and I always wanted glasses with big lens. I spotted these Coach glasses and I knew I would be shelling extra money for a second pair.

It felt right and I still was able to get a discount with my insurance. I just had to purchase them.

Now, I have two pairs of glasses and I will try to switch them. But of course I’m leaning more towards the Coach ones. Our friend Michelle has a pair of Tory Burch that she doesn’t like either. Maybe it’s just not their field of products. I own a few pairs of Coach sunglasses and I love them. No wonder these fit so great on my face.

Which one is better?