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I received this phone case in the mail this week and I LOVE how gaudy and cha cha it is lolol. It’s hard to hold my phone and I can say goodbye to putting it in my pocket, but it is so over the top that I love it so much. I will use it until something breaks off, but I hope nothing does it really is pretty, just huge!


With the Holidays around the corner and knowing how lazy and distracted I can be I decided to start some of my gifts early this year. These keychains are so easy to make and make such unique gifts.


I love my husband! He gets so excited for my birthday, more than even me!!! He decorated the house and the first thing he put up was this Hello Kitty sign. To say I am obsessed with Hello Kitty is an understatement, my love for her runs deep and goes way back to 3rd Grade. I think she will always be a forever love ❤ Turning 30 never looked so good 🙂


With all my new makeup purchases I sometimes forget about my oldies. I love my Naked Basics and Smashbox Santigolden Eye Sahadow Palette. I have used the Naked Basics for over a year on a daily basis until last month and I have barely made a dent on it. My goal is to hit pan on one of the colors this year.


I made an exchange from the Sephora VIB sale (jeez why am I still on this sale lol.) I saw this Tarte Pin Up Blush Palette and knew I needed it. I clearly have a soft spot for gaudy and cha cha things. I don’t mind how bulky the case is since when I travel I already have my Chanel and Nars blushes that never leave my makeup bag so this is nice for a daily basis. I only tried one and it was super pigmented. Sorry I don’t have a more thorough review. I got it last night and did my makeup really fast this morning, but so far Bashful the second from the left is holding up pretty well.


As always I go into Ulta for one thing and leave with something completely different and not even what I originally came in for, ugh. Ulta is having a Buy One Get Second One Half Off-BOGO sale on all Real Techniques Brushes. I have had my eyes on the Eye Starter Kit (purple one on the right) for a long time, so with this sale it gave me an extra push to just get it. One of my other besties is having a birthday soon and I knew this was on her list so I originally had two of them in my hand, but hold up. As I was walking to the register I saw Nic’s Picks that I have been wanting, but never seen in the store. In the end I decided to get the Silver Nic’s Picks set since I already have plenty of eye brushes, but I secretly still want the eye starter set and may put it on my Secret Santa List. In total with a coupon and using up my rewards both of these sets combined came under $25. These brushes are a steal for the price. Such great quality and no shedding.


I downloaded a new Camera App called LINE Camera and this was one of their filters. Confession-I hate smiling with my teeth. Sometimes I can still hear my brothers’ taunts calling me “buck tooth Beaver” and needless to say growing up with big teeth was not fun or pretty! I cringe looking at my grade school pictures and so I still try to smile with my mouth closed most of the time.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!! Josie will be taking over the blog all next week 🙂

It’s been fun posting daily, but I never appreciated Josie more than this week. I will be sure to hug her tight and annoy her to no end as it is my favorite past time when I see her ❤