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From left to right- Janet. Charlotte, Rita, Grace, Jeanne, Greta, and Fanny

I know the sale was last weekend, but I am just getting my stuff in now. I have a tendency when I get obsessed with something I go all out. Exhibit A-Nars Audacious Lipsticks, Oh My GOSHHHH, these are my favorite lipsticks ever!!!! I had every intention to just buy 2 and leave, but I just couldn’t. I ended up getting 6 more from online orders. Sometimes I wish I had the will power to just walk away, but I don’t. I mean 20% off made this lipsticks $25/each, still pricey, but compared to $32 it made total sense to buy a bunch and freeze my lipstick spending until next year. It also doesn’t help that my birthday is next week and I justify my crazy spending in November to just celebrating myself 😦

Anyways, I absolutely love how smooth they go on and how moisturizing they feel on my lips. Everyone has different skin so I know some people might not agree, but I love these so much and love how long they last-through a meal, drinking coffee, talking, and giving kisses. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


I only have used 3 of them so far, Janet, Charlotte, and Rita, but I can’t wait to try on the rest.

Janet-deep magenta

Charlotte-oxblood burgundy


Grace-bright pink coral

Jeanne-cherry red

Greta-wild azalea

Fanny-rich berry


I also bought the Too Faced Melted Set as stocking stuffers and for a bestie who has a  birthday coming up the Too Face Melted in Berry and Kat Von D lipstick in Lovecraft. I love the packaging of the KVD lipsticks and can’t wait to see the color on my friend when she gets it.

Josie is in NOLA living it up and this week I will be posting and she will post next week.

Stay tuned tomorrow, we will be doing our first GIVEAWAY!!! I am on a hunt for one last item that is sold out online and in my local store, but it will be makeup related 🙂