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Tomorrow I’ll be in New Orleans for a short trip. It’ll be my first time there so I’m excited to explore the area and just eat southern food all day long! We will be staying in French Quarters. We have a swamp tour and a haunted/ghost/voodoo tour. But mainly we’ll be eating lol. Usually, I like to paint my nails for a trip. I was looking at my nail polish collections and found a color called Cajun Shrimp by OPI What a perfect time to use it!

UPDATE: So…I guess this isn’t Cajun Shrimp? hahaha I think the bottles got mixed up in the box and I didn’t bother to check the bottom lol I was wondering why it was purple. I’m guessing the color I have on is Pamplona Purple lol

Glad this won’t make me break out in hives since I’m allergic to shellfish lol. I still need to pack eek but I pack light (I think). This was a sample size bottle so I couldn’t hold the bottle in my hands like those pictures you would see on the Internet haha so this picture just looks weird.

I’ll post up pictures of the trip when I get back 🙂