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                 (Photo from Google)

Ever since I got my makeover at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago I have been on my Laura Mercier kick. I got her foundation, her face palette, waiting on her primer that I ordered from the Sephora sale, and now these caviar sticks.

I originally bought the 4 piece at Sephora, but when I got home and read more reviews online, I knew I wanted the extra 2 that the other department stores offered. I returned, ordered, and now they finally came in the mail since they were sold out at my local Nordstrom. To say they are amazing is an understatement, for $55 I got 6 beautiful shimmer colors.


From left to right- Amethyst, Copper, Khaki, Rosegold, Cocoa, and Moonlight

I quickly swatched them yesterday when I got them in the mail because I was rushed out the door for basketball practice, but I have to say they last. I stared at them for a bit and let them dry for a couple of seconds before I tried to rub them to see how easy they blend, but they were already dry!!! I kept moving my finger across them to see if I could blend them, but man, they wouldn’t budge. I forgot about them for awhile until I got ready for bed and washed up and I couldn’t believe they looked exactly like they did in the picture.  Granted they weren’t bothered with oily lids and what not, but if they hold up even half the time I had them on my arm they will quickly become my favorite eye shadows. When I first looked at the package I was a tad letdown because the sticks looked very similar in the package, I thought why did I spend the extra money for 2 more when they look the same, but I was fooled (per usual), when I swatched them, all the beautiful colors came to life. I can’t even decide on a favorite since I know they will all work with all my different outfits and occasions.

I am loving all these Holiday Palettes and wish I could own them all. I have seen some great ones and only wish I wore enough makeup to justify buying everything.

Next week I will be taking over the blog and we will be doing our first giveaway, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend 🙂