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This morning when I woke up, I was very happy to wake up to my husband and him bringing in a cup of coffee and a little gift. The little gift happened to be this beautiful lipstick.

The NARS Audacious Lipstick in Janet, is AMAZING! Yes I am bias (obvi love the name), but the formula they use for the lipsticks is sooo good. So soft, so creamy, goes on like a dream. OMG I can just talk on and on about it. I love the packaging, a sleek black with a magnetic cap. I went to Sephora on Wednesday for their 20% off sale and they were sold out of my name. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted another color since I had my heart set on this one. I knew I would be back this weekend and a worker mentioned they might put out more things because of the sale. I left with only a couple of items (which I will show next week), but was sad about not getting this one lipstick I almost ordered it online but their website was down because of the sale. It was all a blessing in disguise since Dan bought this for me a couple of days ago.


Don’t judge my robe, but you can clearly see how pretty of a magenta color it is, it almost matches my robe perfectly. I love it and pink lol. I hope to get a couple of more with the Sephora sale going on, they are $32 a lipstick which is pricey, but if you swatch them on your hand you will see how gorgeous they are and will love them. I can’t decide which ones I want, but I do know I will leave with at least two since they are just that great.

Have a great weekend!