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I love when I read other blogs or US Weekly and seeing what other people carry in their hand bags so I thought I would do my own.

I don’t like carrying a big bag and some days I even go without a bag, just my phone and a lipstick, but here is a peek at what’s in my bag.

-last year when we went to Paris I scored this Marc Jacobs bag for under $100 and it is my favorite purse. It’s small, yet big enough to carry anything, carries my point and shoot camera easily for when I am on a vacation, and I love just wearing it cross body because I feel it is very secure. Even though I own plenty of bags/purses I almost always gravitate towards this simple black one.

-I have yet to find a wallet I love and since I sometimes ditch my purse altogether and just take my license, a credit card, and phone, I feel the need for a wallet isn’t too important for me

-I carry emergency cash, but it isn’t much maybe like $15-$20, this is a habit I got from my dad. Always carry a $20 in case you need to take a cab home in an emergency, the streets at night by yourself in Chicago is never a good idea. I don’t live there anymore,  but I still like to carry my emergency cash.

-I got the little black zipper bag from H&M earlier this year for $1 and I didn’t know when I would I use it, but now it is perfect to keep all of my lip products. Currently in there is of course No Faux Pas, NYX Pinky lipliner, MAC Rihanna Pleasure Bomb, and NYX lip cream in Honey. I also have my YSL Radiant Touch, love this for on the go highlighting and cover up. I don’t know about you but I always forget I have lipstick on and just bite into my food and get lipstick on my chin and I make sure to always pack this because it cleans up my lipstick great with no hassle. Lastly in there is my Aquaphor chap stick with SPF 30, I temporarily misplaced my favorite Jack Black, but this has always been my back up and it’s a great price under $3 with SPF!

-my little gold Estee Lauder compact is my favorite mirror, I received it as a birthday gift last year and is always in every single one of my purses. It has my Zodiac sign Sagittarius on it. I love that it has pressed powder for those awkward moments I get super nervous and can cover up my shiny face.

-I wash my hands a lot so carrying a hand cream is very important especially now that winter is approaching. At the moment I have my L’Occitane in the scent Roses, I love the smell of flowers so this is so nice and a little goes a long way for me.

-my Iphone 6 (not pictured since I used it to take a picture) also belongs in my purse

-I have my license and credit cards. In the land of Target, a red card is a must! My husband loves Banana Republic so this card comes with great rewards that I earn super fast and he spends my hard earned rewards faster lol. I love my Starbucks gift card and I love carrying a piece of home with me so I keep my Ventra card with my other cards all the time. I never owned a car and I always joked I had my own chauffeur aka the CTA. I have been riding public transportation since I can remember and some of my earliest memories are riding the Blue Line to downtown with my mom and brothers. It’s a nice reminder of home and I always use my card every time I am back in Chicago so it just makes sense to keep it with me.

Now what’s in your bag? Anything a must besides ID’s and phone?