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This weekend has been crazy!!! I feel this coming week will also be equally as crazy. My in laws come in next weekend and I have been cleaning the house and finally organizing all of my crafts. It is nice to have the house so clean, but it also feels slightly empty. We might be one of those Christmas fanatics who put up their tree super early, but in my defense we don’t celebrate Christmas at home and stay a couple of weeks in Chicago so I always feel sad putting away the tree since we didn’t really get to enjoy it.

My birthday is later this month and since I turn the big 3-0, my husband and son have been giving me small gifts everyday. Ahh love them to pieces because it is completely unnecessary, but super super sweet. If I could get this every year I would definitely look forward to getting older lol. I never liked celebrating my birthday because my family would always forget and since it is so close to Thanksgiving we would just celebrate on Thanksgiving, but I don’t think they realize Thanksgiving lands on a different day every year so it was rare to actually have a cake on my day. I didn’t have parties until I met my girlfriends in high school and we would just go to the movies and out to eat, but it was always so nice and special to me. This year is especially great because I get 25 days of specialness and sweet notes and it makes up for all those years of never really celebrating.

Day 1 of Birthday fun-We went to the Bulls vs Timberwolves game. We are huge Bulls fans and the first year we started dating I remember asking Dan if he wanted to get season tickets to Bulls games with me after a month of dating. I jokingly requested it  because it was obviously too soon and a huge commitment, but to my surprise he said YES, so the Bulls in general will always be my one and only favorite NBA team. The game was really good and the Bulls won by 1 point. We had a blast watching and getting all sorts of nervous. My first gift to kick off November was a Starbucks gift card 🙂


Day 2


A Colosseum ornament!!! I am obsessed with unique ornaments and this one is sooo nice. We fell in love with Italy when we went this summer so this is a great reminder of such a fun and great trip.

Day 3-Embossing powder! I love this because I have been looking for a white powder in my favorite brand, but they have been sold out at my Hobby Lobby for awhile. They found it for me! I can’t wait to start my Christmas cards and have my white embossing powder for my snowflakes.

I didn’t know the boys would be getting me something so I bought this off of Instagram to secretly kick off my birthday month. I fell in love with this in person, it is so pretty and unique.


The case and print were only $15! What a steal. The phone case was a misprint (hence the sale), but I am not minding it one bit. It is so cute! I immediately put in on my phone and can’t stop staring at it. I have been looking for a frame to hang up my print in my closet. Still on a hunt, but can’t wait to display it!

Check out the seller because she sells so many cute prints and more phone cases

Happy Monday,