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Recently when I went to the mall to get another No Faux Pas to feed my obsession and to get another lipstick from the Heirloom Mix collection, I couldn’t help but notice the other stuff from MAC’s Holiday Collection. OMG! Curse the little kid in me that loves sparkly, shiny things, and special packaging. As I walked in with full intention to just look at the lipsticks and browse the other stuff, this caught my eye.


This makeup bag, to be exact, was what caught my eye, it’s beautiful and white and SHINY! Not even this Google picture can do the bag justice. It comes with the cutest little accent to zipper the bag and so much sparkle, I couldn’t resist. I tried logic to tell me not to buy this, I thought “no, I already have Riri Woo which is a near dupe to Ruby Woo, but the nude one, that was awful on my skin tone and the coral was eh I don’t really like corals on me, but Ruby Woo I don’t have and I love reds and pinks on me.” What’s that saleslady “this is the only time they are making Ruby Woo in a lipliner and lipgloss.” I could fight almost all of these temptations, but once she handed me the bag to look at more closely, I was sucked into buying. Bye bye Salon Rouge, hello Ruby Woo. It’s so pretty and I absolutely love it. Don’t go check it out, trust me you will want it and there will go $40 just for this set. Ugh, but secretly I love it and convinced my friend via phone she needed the nude set which she went out and bought same day. I can’t help to be an enabler sometimes, it is just so pretty.


Along with the MAC purchase I checked out the Sigma store that was nearby and was having a 20% off sale. I had been wanting to test a couple of their brushes out since my MAC ones shed a lot and while I love my other brushes I need variety. I ended up buying the new 3D Kabuki brush (white one), this is love, it gets into every nook and cranny and I wish I bought the smaller version of this because it is that good. I also got the E50 Large Fluff Brush and F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush brush. I have only used the E50 Large Fluff and love it for highlighting around my eyes and cheek bones. I am on the fence about F15 and might exchange it for a different brush, but I love the copper/rose gold color for the brushes, so pretty. I also got to test their little glove used for cleaning brushes and I really like it. Enough to spend $35 not so much, but I may put it on my birthday list. It makes it super easy to wash my brushes and rinse thoroughly.


Now remember when I said I love special packaging, ughhh another thing I had to get because I loved the packaging (picture off of Google). I go into Nordstrom because I have been on the hunt for the right high end foundation for me when I stumble upon Laura Mercier. I have never tried LM, but once I sat down on that beauty chair I was a goner. The saleslady did a full makeover on me for free and I fell in love with the products. I bought the foundation and this beautiful palette. It seriously is my favorite purchase. It comes with 1 basic nude eyeshadow and 2 shimmer eyeshadows, along with eyeliner and 2 blushes and a lipgloss. It is perfect for traveling. What really sold me was obviously the print, I love animal print, but would never actually buy fur, but on plastic, I just can’t say no, zebra, leopard, paw prints, etc I am sold. When the saleslady told me they were having 10% off sale on all LM stuff I just knew I had to get it.

My husband constantly teases me how I am a salesperson’s dream. I love everything and as long as I get good customer service I will for sure buy something.

Anyway, super excited it’s almost Halloween and we are carving our pumpkins tomorrow.  Hope you are having a good day 🙂

Also have you guys used your Ulta 20% off total purchase? I am going today to see if anything catches my eye, but let’s get real something will and will show my purchases on Thursday lol