My dad’s birthday is coming up and my brother decided that our gift to our father should be a parrot. Really? A parrot? My brother doesn’t really suggest anything so all of us (oh I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters…kinda a big family lol) agreed on getting a parrot. I was too young to remember but when we were kids we had a pet parrot that my dad loved. But one day my oldest brother overcooked his food and the parrot suffocated from the smoke. My dad was sad. So that’s why my brother thought it would be a great idea to get him another parrot. We decided to give our present early. He loved it! My mom not so much lol


Isn’t she a beauty?! She’s a 6 months Eclectus Parrot. Don’t have a name yet but we are calling her Birdie. Only heard her say one thing which was “let me out!” We are hoping to teach her both Chinese and English. Of course I had to take a selfie haha