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Yesterday was the first time we did a 5k as a family. It was for my son’s school and it was surprisingly so much fun. Granted by the end of it I was ditched by both of the boys and I ended up carrying sweaters, hats, keys, and phones, I still loved it and I was so happy my husband videotaped my son sprinting to the end of his first race. For years I ran a lot of cross country when I was younger so it made me teary eyed to see the love of running being passed down.


An old Lacrosse injury makes it hard for me to run for long distances, but I didn’t mind just walking the whole way. Here I am walking to my finish alone lol, most of the race I walked with my son, but the last mile I was left behind in the dust.


On Friday we had a Halloween bash to go to and I was a butterfly, I wasn’t very creative since I was volunteering to help decorate and man a station but I loved my wings I scored on super sale at Joann’s.

And now my current outfit


I love grey and I finally am wearing these grey suede heels out for the first time. It took me forever to break them in. Does anyone else walk around their house for days with new heels on to break them in?


Hate selfies but love this No Faux Pas from MAC’s new Holiday Collection. It is my favorite pink ever and I may buy a second one because I have been wearing this nonstop.


This combo will be on repeat for awhile

MAC No Faux Pas and NYX 835 Pinky lip liner