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I was so surprised on Wednesday when the UPS man rang my bell. My wonderful husband, Dan, ordered me two of the lipsticks I have been wanting from the M.A.C Heirloom Mix Holiday collection. I can’t wait to wear them! I got Rebel and No Faux Pas.


I have been dying for Rebel, but once I heard it was coming out in the Holiday collection I held off buying because I loved the glitter packaging for this year’s release. Ahhh sometimes I forget how much my husband spoils me and listens to me when I ramble about new collections and everything I want because I want the world, but definitely don’t need everything lol . Needless to say it was one of my favorite surprises from him and I love the gift packaging from MAC, so cute! We are going to the MAC store this weekend so I can pick the red color I wanted, but now I don’t know which one I want so I am happy we are going so I can test them out, but love the ones I have now. IMG_0733

We made it out to the Wild game last night, it was so much fun! They won 2-0. Now I am not a big hockey fan, but I am a food fan and everywhere we visit we always try to make it out to a sporting event. Since we have been here for a bit and we have been to Twins games and Vikings games, this was really nice to go to a hockey game since hockey is big here and this was our first time. I have to say I was really impressed with the food at the stadium and how it really feels like you are in a lodge. It beats the United Center (sorry Bulls and Hawks) but it does not beat US Cellular Field nor AT&T Park because those are my favorite stadiums.


My only two pictures I took the entire game because I was either eating or cheering or asking Dan questions to explain to me what was going on. Have a great weekend!