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I had a return to do at Ulta and I of course exchanged rather than be strong willed and walk away from the goodies. I am very excited to try the Real Techniques brushes. Everyone raves about them and I decided to test one brush to see if I like it. I also ended up getting the “complexion sponge.” I bought the Beauty Blender from Sephora a bit ago, but in my excitement just checked out and didn’t realize I had it shipped to my parent’s house in Chicago. I go back during Thanksgiving and I don’t really need it right away so I decided to try this $6 one from Real Techniques and if I don’t like it no harm done since I didn’t spend too much on it.

Ugh this NYX lip brand is becoming my weakness, I keep buying all their lip products. I am excited to try the lip pencils because I have never tried one.


Wearing NYX Copenhagen here and I LOVE IT!!!! It really is the perfect fall color. I have received so many compliments on it. When I went back to Ulta I had the intent to get another Copenhagen, but they were sold out. Sadness 😦 but at least I have one.


DId I mention I finally got glasses? I love reading at night and browsing the internet, but I noticed I started to get these bad headaches a couple of months ago and my eyes would get super watery so I finally had enough and went to the eye doctor. I am happy I don’t need glasses all day and only use them for my night reading, but they will definitely take some getting use to them.

Happy Monday,