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Sorry for the late post, it was a busy day today. I have makeup and stuff to write about, but I’d rather show you my day in a snippet. My son is off for the next couple of days for conferences at his school and we decided to have a staycation. We travelled a lot during the summer and we felt that we missed a lot of what Minnesota had to offer in the warm weather so we wanted to stay home and enjoy what this place has to offer. I love the colors of the trees in our complex 🙂


A car selfie to start off the day lol


We ate at a delicious French restaurant called Meritage, but I didn’t take many pictures. We then went to the Minnesota History Center, this is one of my favorite museums here so we had to go. They have a fun exhibit called Toys that display toys from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, so neat! I found a lot of my childhood toys like Lite Brite and slinky there, but I wish they had 80s toys because that was my real childhood those other toys were hand me downs from my brothers. Also I love how they give you pins like the MET use to give, but now the Met only gives you stickers so it’s nice to see the pins and still collect the colors. I need to find my pin to post that.


I loved Charlie Brown and Lucy with her help booth, she always had me in stitches when I would read the comics on Sunday mornings.


Afterwards we had some Benihana and went to see the movie Fury. I really enjoyed the movie especially since one of my Husband’s grandfathers was in the tank division during the war. They both fought WWII, but one was tank division and the other was a Ranger.  I love all history in general and who doesn’t love Brad Pitt?