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Finally completed my summer goal of completing a whole 18 hole golf course. Although it’s not summer anymore I still glad I got to play. This was my company’s 5th annual golf outing and my first year attending. I’ve only been to the driving range and miniature golf. And found out that is what I’m good at lol teeing off and putting. When a ball hits the fairway or in the rough area…yep don’t look at me for the best ball. My division is actually 2 hours away from my office so it’s nice to interact with some people that I don’t really work with everyday. My team was over 2 points but overall it was tons of fun. I was the only female playing but we weren’t the worst team yay! Now, I need to buy some real golf shoes and my own golf clubs. I think this is a sport that I can learn to like. But my lower back is killing me!