Today and this week in general has been so blahhh. I love fall, but maybe it’s the change of the season, something is off with me. I have no motivation to do anything, no creativeness, no want to do anything, and no motivation to craft or create in general.

I hope to get out of this slump. I hate to use the word depressed so loosely, but maybe that’s it. Although I have no right or reason.

Ever since the move to Minnesota, it’s been hard. I miss my family and friends so much. I am terrible at making friends and am super shy at first so the loneliness hits, in a sense that besides my husband and son (which I am very thankful for) I have no one here to go out with and just hang out. To talk girly things and have fun. It’s true it’s hard making friends as you get older and while I am so happy to have my core group of friends in Chicago I just wish I had at least one friend here. I know it’s in me to go out there and talk. I am very eccentric and once you get me talking I don’t really stop but that initial step is so hard. Again I know it’s all in me, I have to stop being shy and just talk to someone. This isn’t a “woe is a me,” post so no need to comment, just venting.

Forgive my depressing post, it’s a moment of weakness and I hope it passes, but I can’t lie and post about makeup, clothes, or material things in general when my heart isn’t in it.

I did get my order from ulta in the mail and that was a highlight of the week. There is always something nice about getting a package and something to look forward to in the mail, here is a picture of the new stuff and I promise Friday’s post won’t be so depressing.