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When I was younger it never occurred to me that my blemishes on my face were due to  not washing my makeup brushes. Once I finally figured it out (that a clear face with no pimples and less redness,) washing my brushes every day became priority. I then went about testing a bunch of different soaps with various price points. I hated spending so much for a wash when it either went out too fast or didn’t take out all the grime aka the liquid foundation or glittery eyeshadow.

I finally found the perfect soap for me

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, you can find at any health store and even Target and Trader Joe’s. I wouldn’t buy it at Target though, it’s double the price than at Trader Joe’s. I bought my big bottle at Trader Joe’s 6 months ago for only $10, they have since raised the price to $11 but I am not complaining. It’s organic and they come in different scents, but they had only had Peppermint at TJs so I got that one. Here is the website in case you want to check it out.


The bottle is huge and I love how I have barely made a dent in the bottle with my washing every day. I pour it in a travel size bottle to make it easier to pour on.



I love seeing the makeup drip out while I rub the soap into my brush


Then rinse in my bowl, I bought a pack of 4 at the dollar store. I always use luke warm water never hot because the hot water may cause the brush to shed and glue to come undone from the brush.


I lay them flat on my towel and they dry within a couple of hours


These are some brushes I washed earlier in the day and since they were dry I put them back in the holder

What do you use to wash your makeup brushes?