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I asked my oldest sister if she wanted to move in with me. Along comes Benji. Her 3 year old dachshund mix dog. One thing about me…I hate small dogs lol. I find them needy and their barks annoying. Is this true for all small dogs? No. Benji? Yes. He would always growl at me and wouldn’t come near me which was fine with me. He’s always on furnitures. Always. No matter how many times I would nudged him to get off he would jump right back on. I basically gave up.

When my sister decided to go on a trip to Vietnam for two weeks, I was responsible to take care of Benji. Oh boy. The dog hates me lol. Our first night together was quiet and Benji realized that my sister was not coming home that night. As I hopped onto bed, I heard my door creak opened and a small body plopped next to me. It was Benji. I was too exhausted to push him off so he stayed there the entire night. It was a nice warm, comfortable feeling. It was like that for the next two week and we started to bond. He would follow me everywhere I would go and I played fetch with him. You could say…he’s grown on me.

When my sister came back, he became his normal self. Would growl at me when I come near by him. Ignore me. It’s only when are alone when he’s nice. You would think I would be mad or feel used. But I’m not. Even though I still don’t like him, he’s alright for a small annoying dog. 😄🐶

*Using my DSLR camera