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Two weeks ago, I received an email from Sephora that they had a new 500 point gift and once I saw what it was I beyond ecstatic. I had been saving my points for awhile so as soon as I saw it was a YSL gift I immediately ordered something online and put the 500 point in my bag. Needless to say it is amazing in person!


I finally bought the YSL Radiant Touch I have been hearing so much about, but sadly I bought the wrong color so I won’t be able to test it out until next week when I exchange this one. I love the little mirror with the engraved pouch the 500 point bag came with and the mascara and the lipstick are a dream. I haven’t tried the eyeliner, but I am sure it is just as amazing. I never owned anything YSL so starting this mini collection has gotten me super excited. I love anything mini so this set was made for me


Along with my order I ordered the Tocca Beauty Giulietta fragrance because I loved my last two fragrances by them. Smells so good! I was in need of new hand cream so I got L’Occitane in the rose scent and smells great and leaves my hands without a greasy feeling. I wash my hands a lot during the day so lotion that is small enough to travel and isn’t too overwhelming in scent are what I look for in lotion, this doesn’t disappoint. I am a huge Estee Lauder lover of the night serum, I saw a code in my email for this deluxe sample of my favorite night serum that came with sample lipstick, and a makeup remover lotion and added that to my cart. I mean I can’t say no to free, right? I love that makeup remover lotion because whenever I mess up my liquid liner, a little on a Q-tip saves my eye from completely having to redo it. IMG_0511

Look what I finally found, my Barbie lipstick ahhh! I was so happy when one of my besties found it for me and bought me two of them. They were so cheap and I am so happy she got them. They are surprisingly decent quality, I have never purchased Forever 21 makeup, but this really surprised me. It goes on smooth and not too bright so it is ok to wear during the daytime. It smells good too, like vanilla and carmex mmm IMG_0513DSCN2788 DSCN2787

These are just some of the random items I bought while back home. The peplum shirt is my favorite for only $10 not bad. I bought these pajamas at the Forever 21 on State Street, they have two open at the moment, but the bigger one is closing and they turned it into an outlet. So I got the shirt and shorts pj set for $7/a set. I also bought some nightes for $5 another steal of a deal. The lace dress is so pretty for $22.80 great price and I love white and lace. I hate paying for more tax on clothes when I go back to Chicago, but a lot of stuff I can’t normally find in Minnesota. This weekend I hope to get my Iphone 6, I have had my 4GS for 3 years and it is in such bad condition. I mean you can’t even lock the phone because the button at the top doesn’t work and it constantly dies and turns off randomly, so this is a long time coming, yay!! Hope you all have a great weekend!