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In case you haven’t realized I am obsessed with a lot of things, makeup, clothes, crafts, and most importantly jewelry. Love it!! When I moved to Minnesota I ended up donating a lot of jewelry I never used, I have slowly purchased new things, but nothing over the top. I, by no means have the funds to constantly buy big name brands or even spending more than $25 on a necklace seems excessive unless it is a keepsake piece, but that rarely happens and the only exception I see is birthday, big sale, or wedding. So while in Chicago I knew I needed to get some good jewelry for this wedding I was a bridesmaid for, but didn’t really want to spend a lot. Where do I go? Thank goodness we have a place in Chicago we call Clark Street. I first learned of Clark Street from one of my besties in high school and since then I have gone as often as I can to fill my obsession with jewelry and pins. We call it Clark Street because there is a city block filled with jewelry stores on Clark (ha!) in between Wilson and Montrose. It’s the perfect place to get any jewelry for a special occasion for an amazing deal. All the store owners watch every customer with an eagle eye and follow you, but that shouldn’t get you too mad since a lot of people try to shoplift and they just don’t want to lose money.

For this shopping adventure I went with my friend Ellie and we stopped by one of the many great stores called Nice Trading Co 4540 N Clark St. She had gone a week earlier with the Bride and found great pieces and so we went together and visited the girl who helped her last time, Sun. Sun was like my jewelry kindred spirit, everything she showed me I either loved or owned it already but paid way more which was annoying. I knew I should have checked out Clark Street first. Anyway here are some of the things I bought there and other stores.


How awesome are these dangling earrings for only $4, really good quality and again $4!!!! Such a steal!


The top left bracelets I bought at Akira in Chicago because they were having a sale for buy one get the other half off, $20 for both not too bad, but I found the same ones at Clark Street for like $8/a piece ugh. Let’s talk about these bracelets I am holding, all three cost me a total of $15!!!! I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the quality is beyond amazing. The one on the furthest right is perfect for night or day and shines so much. The middle one is perfect for stacking and matched my earrings perfectly that I wore for the night and the furthest left sparkles like no other and fits me perfectly. I hate buying bracelets because it is rare for me to find any that fit my freakishly skinny small wrist so most fly off when I talk or dance. I use my hands a lot while I talk so finding something to stay on while I talk is a must. Love these purchases!!


These Givenchy earrings were originally bought for my wedding so I paid $45 at Nordstrom (ahhh crazy and over my typically $10 max for earrings, but I only planned to get married once so I had to have them.) Unfortunately my mom ended up buying me another pair so I wore those instead and I say unfortunately because my mom was with me when I bought these and even picked them out, but she found different ones she liked better when I wasn’t with her. I am a mommy’s girl so I do a lot of things to make her happy so of course I ditched these and wore the ones she bought and loved more. I finally found an occasion to bust these Givenchy earrings for this wedding and they were perfect for the one shoulder dress and even better that middle bracelet matched them perfectly.

Forgive my exclamation marks I just can’t believe the deals I snagged while shopping on Clark Street, I mean I can, but can’t lol. I can’t wait to go again when I visit Chicago and  buy brooches and more necklaces. I have more shopping I must show you in the following posts because it was a great trip with tons of deals


Here I was on the party bus enjoying some yummy wine, loved my whole outfit but especially the jewelry lol