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So, I mention that I pre-ordered the iPhone 6. It arrived late in the afternoon last Friday. Janet and I just had a nice brunch with the Bride and the rest of the bridesmaids and got mani and pedi. Perfect timing to pick up my first iPhone! I headed over to my parents where I shipped it, quickly said hello and left to the hotel for Michelle’s last night of singledom. As we were waiting for the other girls to show up the hotel, I finally got to open my package. I made sure I open the box on top of a bed so it didn’t fall right out of the box like that one viral video of the first guy who received an iphone 6. Poor guy.

My first thought: it’s light. it’s like my galaxy! Shape and size.


I have to get used to the one button functionality. I keep hitting the side of the button  where my back feature would be on the galaxy. I feel indifferent about the iPhone 6. Just because the “new” features on the iPhone was there on my galaxy S3. I do like the Slo-Motion feature on the camera. Now, I have to spend a little bit more money for a second charger, screen protector, case, etc. But overall I’m happy with my purchase. I believe I’ll go back to Android.