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Vietnamese Spring Rolls are so easy to make. Every time Janet comes back home to Chicago she will request to eat these. They’re fresh, healthy and filling. I will show you how I prepare them at home and how to make these wonderful treat!


  • Vermicelli Rice Noodles (read and follow the package cooking instructions)
  • Cooked Shrimps (21/25 ct) with skin on, then peeled and sliced in halves
  • Rice Papers
  • Lettuce leaf (I like to use either Red or Green Leaf)
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Mints

wpid-20140909_200000.jpgI’ve experimented in soaking the rice paper in so many ways. I found that using cold tap water and soaking the rice paper in for just one sec is the best way for me.


I like to assemble my spring rolls on a cutting board but any flat surface will do. I like to use two rice paper skins for one roll because there will be more skin to cover if it starts to break on you as you’re rolling. You can use one rice paper skin if you don’t want too much skin.


You’re looking for a nice soft translucent skin like on the left side in the picture above. If there’s too much water on the skin just brush it off with your hands. Don’t let the skin out too long or it will become too soft and hard to roll later on. Now, it’s time to assemble.


First add a layer of lettuce, then stack some bean sprouts, mints and cooked rice noodles. Place a few slices of the cook shrimps an inch above your stack of veggies and noodles. The goal is to align the lettuce and shrimps on the same layer as you’re rolling.


You can fold the ends inward or cut them off at the end.


Serve the spring rolls with some peanut plum sauce (recipe coming soon) and Enjoy!