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The weeks have flown by and I completely forgot about some upcoming family Anniversaries and Birthdays that are this week, ugh terrible I know. My mail lady comes between 9-10am, so with little less than an hour time frame I made some quick cards to mail out. This isn’t my greatest work and I didn’t have time to make liners for the envelopes or really jazz up the card, but I documented my favorite thing to do , emboss!

I love Zing powder, it cost $5 at Hobby Lobby, but I always use a 40% off coupon. It has been a slow process to collect a lot of the colors, but I am cheap and with HL down the block the trip there isn’t a hassle to go once a week.


I use my stamp with clear embossing ink pad and put the powder on top, then tap off into my little tray. This tray comes in handy a lot, I used to just a bend piece of paper but it would get everywhere and I would lose powder so this was a great find in the clearance aisle.


See what I mean? With an old paint brush it all gets easily swooped into the Zing bottle.


My favorite part, turning on my embossing tool and watching the “magic” happen. I love seeing it turn from a powder to a solid, it looks really pretty and professional. I keep the tool about 2-3 inches away from the card and move it in a circular motion and once you see it start to change and it turn solid you can move to a different section. When I first started embossing I definitely burned the powder, if that is even possible, but it turned an ugly dry out solid as oppose to the shiny pretty solid I thought I would get. I also didn’t let the powder connect in fear of burning it again so I had little dots and not a smooth finish. I was too lazy to youtube a video when I first got into embossing, but I have now learned and loved to do it.


The one on the right is already embossed and the one on the left is still powder. I am not sure you can really tell the difference in the picture, but in real life you can.


Here is the birthday card, I love the gold color from the Recollections collection because it leaves this beautiful gilded gold color, but I wouldn’t recommend any other color from them. I’ve had a lot of annoying issues with their solid colors, but it may just be me and so Zing is always my typical go to brand for embossing powder and personal preference.

I used markers to color in the cupcake and a little cupcake punch outs to add to the card. Nothing big and really simple easy cards. The whole process took me about 10 minutes to make and now they are signed, sealed, and in the mailbox. Here is hoping they get to the people on time.

Supplies mainly used

-embossing heating tool

-embossing powder

-embossing clear ink pad

-blank cards