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When I first heard of Laduree I fell in love. I couldn’t wait to go to Paris and buy myself one of their famous keychains. Sadly the stars were not aligned for me and they were sold out once I got there 😦 I was very sad until we went to Rome this summer and as soon as I saw a girl at the Vatican carrying a bag from Laduree we went there right after lunch. It was a perfect location near all the stores and right by the Spanish Steps. What luck I had, they had 4 left and I immediately got one. I was on cloud nine drinking my tea, eating macaroons, and taking some to go. We made a lot of visits there during our 10 day stay and I miss them a lot lol. Anyways, flash forward to now, where I stare at my keychain all the time. I dare not take it out yet because it was quite a pricey keychain 40 or 50 Euro. I would be devastated if I lost a piece or it got scratched so I take it out time to time and look at it and love it. I hope to get more for every time I come across a Laduree store, but this one is perfect for now.

Now that my son is in school I decided to make the most of my time and make my very own. I really wanted to make a keychain I could use and not be so sad if I lost it or it broke so I looked up You Tube videos and this one was my favorite, mainly for the simplicity.


I gathered my supplies, I ended up messing up my first batch so I made more with different colors. I strayed away a little from the You Tube video and used what I had at home. I didn’t have a mini roller or chopstick so I used an old cake pop stick that worked out perfect. I also had a small circle cookie cutter but the macarons were too big for what I was looking for so I used a small frosting tip I had. I liked the frosting tip better because it curved the top for me so I didn’t have to. I love efficiency so I also didn’t punch holes first then combine them, I just attached the whole thing together and punched away.


Here I am going through the tedious process of making the holes with a toothpick. I think this was my least favorite part.


Once I had a couple I baked them for 275 for more like 20 minutes as opposed to 15 like in the video.


I then added top coat nail polish and can I say they came out way better than what I expected. The pictures don’t do them justice and they are really cute


I attached a couple to my purses so you could get an idea, but again pictures don’t do them justice. They will make a perfect stocking stuffer (Jo act surprise when you get yours in our Secret Santa exchange). I love that you can add any charms to it and make it your own.

We may do a giveaway in the coming weeks, but I want to practice making the macarons all the same size and adding cute bows on them.

If you have questions, let me know, it took me only 2 days to nail the process so pretty easy. I had never used oven bake clay before this and love how easy it is to use and will be making a lot more things with it like little ornaments and charm bracelets.

Supplies needed

-Oven bake clay (I like Sculpey, but didn’t try any other brand so I would use what you can find or prefer)

-a roller

-circle cookie cutter or frosting tip



-keychain holder

-wax paper-I didn’t have a nonstick surface so this made it easier once I cut the circle for them to be peeled off

-top coat nail polish