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We did a lot this weekend, but my favorite was shopping 🙂 I didn’t see anything that really popped at the mall so I just restocked on some things I needed.

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base-this is my absolute favorite eye shadow primer, not to be gross, but I have very oily eyelids and finding a primer was a lot of wasted money spent and lost. All skin is different so this is just my opinion, but I LOVE this primer. It goes on like any other primer, but rarely do I get a crease or see the eyeshadow fading. It cost $25 so slightly expensive, but my last one lasted me a year so I think it is definitely worth shelling out the money for it.

Tocca Piccolo Regalo Fragrance Duo-everytime I go into Sephora I make a beeline for the perfume, I love smelling them and don’t move until I can’t tell the difference between the scents and my nose begins to sneeze. I have been wanting to get a new perfume, so I saw this cute set and knew this was perfect to test out since I didn’t want a big bottle but perfect travel size since we tend to travel a lot. I am sad my husband threw out the package it came in because it was a cute box with a bow I am sure I could have reused, oh well…

Silver jar-I had been getting annoyed with having no real place to put my cotton balls I use so much whether it’s to put on toner or just remove nail polish from my fingers, but finally a solution! We walked into Home Goods and once I saw this I knew I had to get it and it is so nice in my bathroom and much more appealing to the eyes 🙂

Hope your long weekend was great too!