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So remember when I mentioned I tend to go overboard on the buying when I love something, here is proof 1000000000. Joann’s is having a huge Martha Stewart sale this week so I had to get everything my hands could grab. I mean that big pack of glitter alone costs like $30 regularly and I got it for $9, the small little ones were only $1 as opposed to the usual $6 and the bigger bottles only $3 instead of $12. If you love crafting as much as I do run to Joann’s now. They price match too so I used a 40% off coupon on one item from Michaels and 20% my total purchase off Michaels too. I saved so much and I am so happy 🙂 Most of my glitter I use on my homemade cards and nails, but I hope to find other uses soon.


With Halloween coming around and my love for making cards, I had to get these $1 and $1.50 stamps from Michaels and Joann’s. The cute punches on the corners were only $1 too so they got thrown in the basket too. I love embossing with stamps so these will be great for my cards since I only had 3 Halloween stamps prior to this purchase.


Jcrew factory was having a sale last week so I caved and bought this sweater, jewelry tray, earrings, and bracelet. The prices were great and I love almost all my purchases except the bracelet. It’s too small for the $19 I paid, but the earrings made up for it since they are really nice and were only $7. If I lived closer to a Jcrew factory I would definitely return it and since I won’t be going back to Chicago until mid September I am stuck with it. It’s fine, but not great so I will  just layer it with some other bracelet.

I also restocked on my MAC BB cream, I love this! It’s lightweight and goes on really easy, but my favorite part is that it is SPF 35, I love all my face products to have at least SPF 30, but that’s hard to find, so this is awesome.

I also love love LOVE the Jack Black Lip Balm, it is slightly more pricier than your typical chapstick, but with SPF 25 and yummy flavors it is worth it! It cost $7.50 so not too bad and while I typically buy the lemon or grapefruit flavor I am excited to try Black Tea with blackberry in it.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I hope to get a new camera and back round soon.

Have a great weekend! I am going to the Minnesota State Fair tomorrow and I can’t wait to just eat and have fun. We went last year and it was amazing, hope it’s even better this year