YAY! First Post 😛

I first joined OkCupid and Tinder simultaneously back in 2013 when I thought I was ready to start dating after my last serious relationship ended. Part of me was ready but the other part of me was scared. To get back in the dating world. Where do I start? Where do I meet them? With my busy schedule, I turned to online dating websites. I received my first message the first day of being on OkCupid from a good looking guy. I contemplated on whether I should message him back but chickened out. The following day, I deactivated my OkCupid account. Lame right?  Same goes for Tinder…received messages from matches and deactivated my account a few days later.

I decided to give Tinder another try in June 2014. Swipe Left – not interested. Swipe Right – interested. I was getting matches each time I swiped right. It was an ego booster. Wow, all of these guys are interested in me? Oh no! A message! This time I message back saying hello. Yay! I’ve overcome my fear!

After 2 months, 6 guys, and 7 dates. (Not impressive, I know haha) I’m still searching. So, is Online Dating a good thing? I say YES. Just meeting new people and exploring the type of person you want or look for. I will admit that it is exhausting and sometimes frustrating to figure out the things to say whether you’re interested or not. It eliminates the awkwardness and the fear of rejection. Everyone on these online dating websites are on it for a reason. To date. Some might laugh at the idea but I believe this is the new present way of dating. Because no has time to hangout at bookstores 😛